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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), supported by Carpathia Hosting, today announced its plans to assess the scope of the issue facing Megaupload users who are at risk of losing their data. Carpathia has created this website, www.MegaRetrieval.com to assist users in contacting EFF. EFF will review the factual situations shared by users and, if possible, try to resolve their issues.

Carpathia does not have access to any data for Megaupload customers. We support the EFF and their efforts to help those users that stored legitimate, non-infringing files with Megaupload retrieve their data.

~ Brian Winter

CMO of Carpathia Hosting

EFF is troubled that so many lawful users of Megaupload.com had their property taken from them without warning and that the government has taken no steps to help them. We think it's important that these users have their voices heard as this process moves forward.

~ Julie Samuels

Staff Attorney at EFF

Message from the EFF

When the United States Government shut down access to Megaupload, a multitude of innocent users who stored legitimate, non-infringing files on the cloud-storage service were left with no means to access their data.

If you are one of these, are based in the United States, and are looking for legal help to retrieve your data, please email the Electronic Frontier Foundation at

EFF is a small donor-supported non-profit legal services organization and does not charge for its legal services. It may not be able to represent everyone who inquires.

Message from Carpathia Hosting

"While Carpathia has never had access to the data on Megaupload servers and has had no mechanism for returning that data to Megaupload users, we have been attempting over many weeks to resolve this matter to the satisfaction of all parties involved, in a manner that would allow for Megaupload users to be in a position to ultimately recover their data. Despite our best efforts, the parties have been unable to work out a voluntary solution that meets the concerns of all the various parties who have claimed an interest in Megaupload’s data. As a result, Carpathia has filed a motion in federal court seeking the court’s guidance on how to proceed in resolving this matter."

~ Brian Winter

Chief Marketing Officer, Carpathia Hosting

Read the Press Release

Read the Joint Press Release from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Carpathia Hosting.


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